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Our Mission. Our Product. Our People. 

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What's Our Mission?

The simple answer: To provide our customers with the Ultimate Car Mat.

However, what this means to us is threefold... 

Our vision for the Ultimate Car Mat can be summed up by our promise that TuxMat provides the Perfect Fit. Maximum Coverage. & Luxurious Finish.

See our promise in action... 

"I would stuff paper towels around the edges of my old standard floor mats to stop all the leaking in bad weather. Getting TuxMat for my 2019 Honda Civic Sedan eliminated the need to buy extra paper towels because TuxMat is the perfect fit."


"I love my kids, but I also love my Tesla Model 3. TuxMat reaches maximum coverage of my car floor, so they catch everything that might spill. They are especially useful when I get the little ones ice cream on a hot day." 


"I got TuxMat for my Nissan GT-R. They are high quality, and add a touch of elegance to my car floor. The design of the mats matches the leather interior of my car which creates an all-over seamless look thanks to TuxMat's luxurious finish."


We want you to love your TuxMat! If your experience with TuxMat isn't on par with the success stories above, please contact us, so that we can make it right. 


About Our Product 

The Story & The Science


The story that ends with TuxMat arriving at your doorstep... 

The first step in the making of TuxMat is development. We begin by using laser scanning technology to scan the floor space of your vehicle. Then we create a prototype mat with the data that was collected. The first prototype is test fitted in the vehicle, and the necessary adjustments are made in order to achieve total accuracy. The newly adjusted version undergoes another test fit, and only after all these quality control steps are deemed successful is the final TuxMat made. 

The second step is fulfillment, which we handle from our warehouse facility at our headquarters in Canada. Your TuxMat undergoes additional quality control testing, and final touches are added. This includes installation of the retention hook holes on the drivers mat, adding the side security clips kit to your package, the installation guide, safety reminder tags, and final checks for defects and cleanliness. 

We provide the highest possible service standards for our customers. After you place an order with TuxMat, we guarantee that we will ship it out by the very next business day. Our goal is to end TuxMat's production story by making sure our customers' experience with receiving their TuxMat was a pleasant one. 


The science behind TuxMat…

The material makeup of TuxMat was chosen to optimize the effectiveness of our product’s structural design. That is why we carefully chose materials that are versatile, and have a multitude of benefits. 

The multilayered composition of TuxMat includes a Vinyl top layer, an EVA middle layer, and an anti-slip bottom layer. 

The plasticized Vinyl top layer is a highly complementary choice for TuxMat’s main functions. It is a thermoplastic polymer, so at a higher temperature the Vinyl layer will easily mold to your vehicle floor, and when cooled it will retain the shape. It is characteristically water resistant, and extremely durable. Its versatility also allows us to add our unique design features (horizontal ribbing along the mat, and matching a car's leather interior). 

The EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) middle layer is another type of vinyl that is soft and pliable. EVA is often thought of as a “foam-rubber” in appearance and texture, and it is a substantial 6 mm thick in our mats for extra cushion. It remains flexible at cooler temperatures, and is what gives TuxMat its comfortable and ergonomic properties. 

The bottom layer is a liner of a felt-like fiber. This layer stands between the mat, and the floor of your vehicle. Its purpose is to provide grip and friction, acting as yet another precaution against the mat slipping.